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android interview

Since I’m an Android developer I’ll be using the term ‘android’ but this article is still relevant to any engineering candidates.

I will be sharing about an interview for the role android developer that I have gone through. This interview was for a small organization, a startup. Some big organization interview pattern may be very different from this.

There are generally three parts to an interview:

  1. Introduction
  2. Technical
  3. HR round

1. Introduction


Just briefly introduce yourself. They might ask you about your education background and questions like “why do you think you’re fit for the job?”. And definitely this question, if you’re experienced, “Why did you leave your former job?”.

These questions doesn’t need any preparations just be yourself and reasonable. I emphasize, throughout your interview be reasonable to your interviewer. This is a communication skill and you should try to master it. Try to align with the mindset of your interviewer even if you don’t agree to them a 100%. You’re not there to prove something but to ace the interview.

2. Technical Round


In small organizations, there might be a possibility that even if you’re appearing for the role of Android developer, the interviewer will belong to some different technological background eg. backend/web developer.

So, if that happens to you, remember he can only relate to the circumstances from his corresponding field. So be generic and don’t discuss a topic or an issue very specific to android development. As he will not be able to relate to you and even might think less of you since there could be a chance that he has never heard of such issues in his field.

Be dynamic and adapt with your interviewer’s mindset, look on what part of the questions he is giving more importance like time complexity, efficiency or error handling etc., and frame your answers according to that perspective.

3. HR round

hr round

You’ll be asked questions like “Where do you see yourself after 2 years?”, “How long will be working with us if you’re selected?”, “What are your hobbies?”, “What were the difficulties you faced at your previous job?”

I’ll suggest you to be brief and honest and always be reasonable with your interviewer. Only give the answers which they’re able to digest. No one likes to be constipated. Right?


Take interviews nonchalantly, don’t panic. The person sitting on the other side of the table is human and therefore, sometimes he can be wrong, selfish, rude but you shouldn’t let it affect you. You always need to be yourself, remain calm and patient, because you might not ace that particular interview but you’re on the path to be a great candidate for the next.

I hope you learned something! Thank you for reading.

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